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Semitronî ESD

Semitronî ESD
The SEMITRON ESD family of static dissipative plastics is designed for applications where electrical discharge in operation is a problem (ESd: Electro Static dissipation). They provide a controlled bleed-off of static charge.

Main characteristics:

  • Permanently static dissipative 
  • Dissipate static charge of 5 kV in less than 2 seconds per mil-B-81705C
  • No metals or graphite/ carbon powder used 

There are four SEMITRON ESd-grades, servicing static dissipative needs over a broad range of temperatures and mechanical loading conditions:

SEMITRON ESd 225 (POM)(beige)

SEMITRON ESd 225 is an acetal based static dissipative material ideal for material handling applications. It avoids discharge problems for parts intended for human contact. SEMITRON ESd 225 is also an excellent choice for fixturing used for handling in process silicon wafers or used in the manufacturing of sensitive electronic components including hard disk drives and circuit boards

SEMITRON ESd 410C (PEI)(black)

Having an excellent mechanical performance up to 210 C, SEMITRON ESd 410 C provides ESd-solutions at higher temperatures.Additionally, SEMITRON ESd 410C exhibits excellent dimensional stability (low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and small water absorption), ideal for handling equipment in the electrical/electronic or semi conductor industries.

SEMITRON ESd 500HR(PTFE + mica)(white)

Reinforced with a proprietary synthetic mica, SEMITRON ESd 500 HR offers an excellent combination of low frictional properties, good dimensional stability and electrostatic dissipation. Whenever virgin PTFE causes electrical discharge problems, SEMITRON ESd 500 HR will provide a controlled bleed- off of static charge while maintaining typical PTFE-properties such as broad chemical resistance, temperature resistance and low coefficient of friction.

SEMITRON ESd 520 HR (PAI)(khaki grey)

SEMITRON ESd 520 HR has an industry first combination of electrostatic dissipation (ESd), electrostatic dissipation high strength and heat resistance. This new ESd material is ideal for making nests, sockets and contactors for test equipment and other device handling components in the semiconductor industry. The key feature of SEMITRON ESd 520HR is its unique ability to resist dielectric breakdown at high voltages (>100V). Whereas e.g typical carbon fiber enhanced products become irreversibly more conductive when exposed to even moderate voltages, SEMITRON ESd 520HR maintains its electrical performance throughout the voltage range 100 to 1000 V, while offering the mechanical performance needed to excel in demanding applications. 
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